CHIOCCI Francesco Latino

Professore ordinario
Full Professor
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Breve Curriculum Vitae
Born in Gubbio (PG) 22 August 1959, Resident in Rome, Italian Nationality

High-School: Liceo Classico “Dante Alighieri” - Rome
Degree in Geology – University “La Sapienza”, Rome
PhD in Earth Sciences – University “La Sapienza”, Rome

Current and previous position
2004-present Full Professor at Faculty of Sciences, Rome University, Department of Earth  Sciences.
1998-2004 Associated Professor at Faculty of Sciences, Rome University, Department of Earth Sciences.
1994-1998 Researcher of National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Centre for Quaternary and Environmental Evolution, Rome.
1988-1993 Researcher of National Research Council of Italy(CNR), Centre of Technical Geology – Rome.


Current research activities

  • 2015-2016 Project Leader of MaGIC2 (, aimed  create synthetic products on specific aspects of data and knowledge collected within the MaGIC Project (see further point).
  • 2012-2016 Leader of RITMARE-DEEP SEA (2012-2016) subproject, a large coordinate effort of the Italian Scientific community working in Marine Sciences to increase scientific knowledge and application on the deep sea environments. The sub-project has a budget of 15 M€ and involves some 50 top Italian research groups in oceanography, biology and geology
  • 2007-2013 Project Leader of MaGIC (, the largest marine geology program in Italy in the last decades, aimed to define and map marine geohazards along the Italian continental margins. The project lasted 5 years, with a budget of 5.25 M€ (+2M€ co-financing) and involved all the Italian research institutes working in marine geology.
  • 2012 PI of FAIVI Eurfleet cruise (2012) on board R/V Atalante on Acores Islands
  • 2001-2012 Project co-Leader of two GCP Projects ( projects involved more than 200 researchers from >30 countries.
  • 2008-2014 In charge of projects for Civil Protection Dept. to study instability features on Etna volcano, Stromboli, Ischia and Vulcano flanks. Responsible of projects to study instability phenomena at Cirò Marina and stability of Costa Concordia shipwreck.
  • 2008-2016 Participate to the Spanish Projects CONTOURIBER and MOWER to study deep water countourite deposits.
  • 2000-Present Scientific Responsible of several sheets of the Geological Mapping of Italy (1:50.000) for marine areas.
  • 1998-Present In charge of several projects for search of relict sand on continental shelves to be used for beach nourishment on long-term projects funded by Regione Lazio, Regione Toscana and Regione Basilicata.
  • Editor of special volumes for Geological Society of London (2014), Marine Geophyiscal Reseraches (2010), Descriptive Memories of the Geological Map of Italy (2004).

Organizational et other activities

  • 2013 -Present Member of COI, Commissione Oceanografica Italiana
  • 2013- present Member of Scientific Comitee of  IFREMER (Institut Français de Recherche pour L'Exploitation de la Mer) 
  • 2014-2015 Member of working group SUBLAND for Marine Board dell’European Research Council.
  • 2010 -Present member of an international commission to assess the risks of submarine and coastal volcanoes in Italy, from 2013 chairman of the same committee
  • 2008 -Present Chief of the Marine Geology section of the Italian Geological Society
  • 2007 -Present Member of the Steering Council of CoNISMA (National Consortium of Universities for Marine Sciences) on behalf of University of Rome“LaSapienza, since 2011 also member of the steering committee
  • 2015 – 2015 Responsable of the Master course in Marine Sciences at Faculty of  Sciences,University of Rome “Sapienza”
  • 2009 Member of the international commission of experts (CEFRM) for the evaluation of a research unit CNRS-University of Perpignan in 2009.
  • 2004-2005 He was part of the international commission of experts for the evaluation of Spanish research projects "Ramon y Cajal" and "Juan de la Cierva" in 2004 and 2005.
  •  2004-2009 Member of the SARIMED board of directors (company in charge of the management of the Research Vessel Universitatis
  • Scientific Referee for Sedimentology,Marine Geology,Journal of Geophysical Research, EOS,  Geological  Society  of  London, Giornale di Geologia,  Annali  di Geofisica,  Geologica Romana, International Journal of Earth Sciences.
  • Member of evaluation committee of national research projects PRIN, CoFin and CIVR
  • He has lectured at the US Geological Survey (California, US), the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, (Academia Sinica, Guangzhou), the Oceanographic School University of Rhode Island (US), the Southampton Oceanography Centre (UK) as well as many Italian universities and research institutes.
  • Until dec.2014published 70 papers on International Scientific Journal.


  • Teach course in Marine Geology, Marine Geophysics,General Geology, Marie Resources Management, Littoral Dynamics.
  • AsTutor he supervised 8 PhD and 40 MasterThesis(Tesi di Laurea, Laurea Specialistica o Laurea Magistrale) in Geology, Natural Sciences, Environmental Science, Biology, Environmental and Geothecnical Engineering. At presents upervises 3Thesis in Geology, 4 inNatural Sciences and 2 PhDs.
  • Has been member of Ph Dcommittee at University of Trieste, Bologna, Barcelona and Vigo (Spain) and Ghent (Belgium).


  • Until Jan.2015 published 70 papers on International Scientific Journal. Scopus H-index 16, Google Scholar H-index 20


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