LOMBARDI Salvatore

Professore a contratto
Temporary Professor
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Breve Curriculum Vitae

Professor Lombardi, as Head of the Fluid Chemistry Laboratory in the Earth Sciences Department, has spent the last 25 years researching many aspects of fluid distribution and migration in various geological environments throughout . The founder of the soil-gas method in , his work has concentrated on using this technique to better understand a number of natural and anthropogenically-induced processes in the subsurface. In particular soil gases have been used to map buried faults in clay basins; examine volcanic processes at depth; delineate subsurface pollution; understand possible mechanisms of radionuclide transport away from geologically-hosted nuclear waste sites; and to explore for oil, mineral and geothermal deposits. Over the past 15 years Professor Lombardi has been involved in six European Community projects, each containing soil-gas as a major or central aspect of the research. In addition his work on soil gas, Professor Lombardi also has extensive aqueous geochemical experience, primarily in the field of regional hydrochemistry; with the recent aquisition of an ICP-MS and IC, he expects to expand this area of research in the near future. In addition to these research interests, Professor Lombardi has taught hydrogeology in the Earth Sciences department in the past and is presently responsible for teaching hydrocarbon geology. To learn more about Professor Lombardi’s research and publications, the analytical capabilities and staff of his lab, information regarding the hydrocarbon geology course, or a list of recent laurea and Ph.D. theses that Professor Lombardi has directed, please click on one of the icons below.

Geologia del petrolio e prospezione di gas al 1° anno della Laurea Magistrale in Geologia di Esplorazione, Tettonica delle coperture al 2° anno della Laurea Magistrale in Geologia applicata all'Ingegneria, al territorio e ai Rischi.

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