Pubblicazioni nel DST
Abstracts of Departmental Pubblications

No. 1 (January 1997)
No. 2 (January 1998)
No. 3 (January 2000)*

supervision by Anna Farinacci
collected by *M. Luisa Libutti
*with technical support of Andrea Scifoni

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The Department of Earth Sciences is encouraging world-wide contact with other Departments by means of published research.

The "Abstracts No.1, 1997" issue concentrates on the last 2 years of published scientific contributions. For the coming years it is planned as an early issue.

A booklet is also available.The aim of the "Abstracts" booklet is the promotion of the research data exchange and the acquisition of the results in the development of different research trends.

To obtain copies of reprints please contact directly the authors or the library of the Department and give your correct address together with the exchange request.

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