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Associate Professor
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Form of the Professor


Short Curriculum Vitae

1994: Graduated in Geological Sciences from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”
1998: Ph.D. in Earth Sciences
2000 – 2004: Researcher for the “La Sapienza, University of Rome”.
2005 – ongoing Associate Professor at “La Sapienza, University of Rome”
2006- ongoing Manager of the HydroGeochemistry (Water Quality) Laboratory at the Earth Sciences Department of Sapienza University of Rome;
2009-2016 Board of Directors member at Sapienza University of Rome; 
2018- ongoing Board of Professors member of PhD School in Landscape and Environment of Sapienza University of Rome;
2016-2017 Delegate Rector to “Sport activities” at “La Sapienza, University of Rome”;
2018- ongoing Director of SapienzaSport Center at “La Sapienza, University of Rome”;



  • 1994 Degree in Geological Sciences….
  • 1998 PhD in Earth Sciences….

Professional experience

  • 2000-2004: University Research – Sapienza University of Rome,
  • 2005 ongoing: Associate Professor - Sapienza University of Rome


Research Topics

  1. Environmental geochemistry
  2. Soil and Water quality
  3. Environmental tracers
  4. Earthquake precursor
  5. Trace elements 
  6. geochemical monitoring

Study areas

Rome, southern and central Apennines 

Institutional roles



Active Research Project 

  • 2018. LIFE ACTION GRANTS: Restoration, management and valorisation of PRIority habitas of MEDiterranean coastal areas - LIFE17 NAT/GR/000511. Coordinating beneficiary: Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature.
  • 2016. Present Environmental Advisor (Hydrogeochemistry) for the International Project (2016-2020) SECOSUD II - Conservation and equitable use of biological diversity in the SADC region. The project is financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and implemented through Eduardo Mondlane University, South African National Park and Sapienza University of Rome.


Editorial Activities 

Special Issue in Water: Isotopes in Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Special Issue in Geosciences: Environmental Geochemistry: Earth Surface Processes and Measurement Uncertainty
Special Issue in Water: Selected Papers from the 2nd International Electronic Conference on Water Science
Special Issue in Geosciences: Emerging contaminants (ECs) in Groundwater
Special Issue in Water: Advances in Urban Groundwater and Sustainable Water Resources Management and Planning
Special Issue in Geosciences: 2020: A 10 Years Journey-Advances in Geosciences


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List of papers in 

Citations: 1354; h-index 21 (from Scopus MAY 2021).

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