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Full Professor
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Short Curriculum Vitae

Education and training
1997    Laurea in Geology at the University of Perugia. (110/110 and honors) 
2002    Ph.D. at the University of Perugia.
2003    Postdoc at the University of Perugia.


Professional experience: 
2004-2010        Lecturer at the University of Perugia. 
2010-2013        European Research Council, ERC-Fellow at INGV Roma
2013-2019        Associate Professor at La Sapienza, University of Roma
2019-present    Full Professor at La Sapienza, University of Roma


Research topics
I have focused my research on the mechanics of earthquakes and faulting using an interdisciplinary approach that integrates geological, geophysical and experimental observations on earthquake processes. For me there is much learn by considering phenomena at the boundaries between different disciplines. Applied/unconventional aspects of my research include CO2 sequestration, oil/gas reservoir characterization and the mechanics of induced vs. triggered seismicity.


Awards and Honors
2001: Student Paper Award American Geophysical Union
2002: SPE-EAGE-Assomineraria Gustavo Sclocchi PhD Theses Award, special mention 
2008: Shell Prize for the work Smith, Collettini and Holdsworth, JSG, 2008
2010: Seventh Framework Program “Ideas”, ERC, Consolidator Grant
2011: Ramsay medal for the paper: Smith, Holdsworth, Collettini C. (2011). GSA Bulletin
2013: Excellence in reviewing from Elsevier
2015: Awards project Sapienza 

Active Research Project 
- 2018-2021: Dipartimento Protezione Civile co-PI: Estendere la conoscenza del terremoto dalla profondità alla superficie.
- 2020-2021: ENI co-PI Fault stability (FAST2). This is a project dealing with induced seismicity.
- 2018-2022: Dipartimenti di Eccellenza MIUR-grant PI: Development of BRAVA2.0 a prototype to study the mechanics of earthquakes and faulting in the lab.



  • Fisica Terrestre (9CFU), bachelor’s degree in Geology
  • Field trip to Elba Island within the course of Geology II, bachelor’s degree in Geology
  • Rock Physics (6CFU), master’s degree in Exploration Geology


From 2000, 93 papers (2 on Nature, 1 Nature Geoscience, 1 Nature Communications, 1 Science Advances, 6 in Geology. 
Citations 4312; h-index 40 (source Scopus April 2021).  

List of papers in Google Scholar: (


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