Application process

Step I: CHECK– Periodically check on-line when the starting date for the application; normally the application period is from mid June to mid July. Regularly check the University web page Here you will find general information on applying

Step II: GET READY – You will find detailed information on the application process at Scroll down until you find the appropriate “Call for Applications”. Download the PDF file with the all the information and read it carefully to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings when submitting your application.

Step III: CHOOSE – Make sure that you apply for the right PhD Program. You must know the correct numerical code identifying the PhD program (e.g., the course number for Earth Sciences is 11094). Double check this number before submitting the application. The code can be found either in the Call for Applications (“Bando”) or by clicking on link “Corsi e Scuole” on the left of This link will take you to a web page with a complete list of all the PhD program of the University of Rome. Additional information on the program, number of fellowships offered, dates of the entry test, educational goals and applicants rankings are available by clicking on the link of the PhD program
IMPORTANT: detailed information on application process, including the documents that must be attached to the application (e.g., Curriculum Vitae), are available only in the official “Call for Applications (Bando)”.
Step IV: ENROLL – the final sections of the “Call for Applications” describe (a) the necessary requirements to apply to the PhD program (eg., graduation date), and (b) the application form, including the deadline for the payment of the application fee. In the section APPLICATION FORMS, PhD candidates can find the link to the INFOSTUD page where they can download the postal bulletin to pay the application fee: INFOSTUD> PHD> PhD APPLICATION. Here you must enter the number of the PhD cycle, and the course code

IMPORTANT: Double check that PhD course code is correct, otherwise you may apply to the wrong PhD program/school, and fill out the required fields. By clicking Print, you will download the completed bulletin. You can take the bulletin to the bank to pay your fee.

Step V: Evaluation criteria for the XXXIV cycle of the PhD program

STUDENTS NOT FROM SAPIENZA: students not previously enrolled at Sapienza must enroll in INFOSTUD to register for the entry test - see also the “Call for Applications”.



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