Picture of the laboratory

Laboratory of Cartography and Drawing

The Laboratory of Cartography and Drawing was born and developed as a support for education and research. Currently his main activity is aimed at the editing of two departmental Journals (Periodico di Mineralogia and Journal of Mediterranean Earth Sciences) providing technical support in every phase, from design, to production, up to the final stages, both of printing than online.
At the same time, the Laboratory works in the field of graphics for the production of various kinds of drawings, and is able to provide prints even in large formats. The service is aimed at all members of the Department.


Service information
The staff uses a price list with a basic range, intended for Department staff, and a range intended for external users, for professional services to be agreed in the manner and timing.
To use the service, contact the technical staff.


The Laboratory uses computers with Mac Os systems and professional printers of various formats. Particularly:

  • 2 computer Apple with Mac OsX system
  • 1 plotter HP
  • 1 Epson A2 format printer
  • 1 HP A4 format printer




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