IR spectroscopy laboratory

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IR spectroscopy studies the interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter. In case of a solid substance, as a mineral, it allows not only the identification of the species, but also the presence of certain functional groups consisting of light atoms (eg . OH, CO3, BO3) and H2O that could not normally be detected by electron microprobe. The small amount of material used (about 2 mg ) allows to consider IR spectroscopy as an almost non-destructive analysis.
The laboratory is equipped with a Fourier transform IR spectrophotometer System 2000 of Perkin-Elmer. The advantage of this instrument, compared to a classical dispersion spectrometer, derives from the simultaneous measurement of all frequencies. The extremely fast data collection allows to mediate a large number of scans to reduce the background noise. The spectral range goes from 5200 to 450 cm-1 for the preparation dispersed in KBr pellet with a resolution of 1 cm-1. Data are generally processed with the Infrared Data Manager software release 2, but you can export in ASCII format and process them by other softwares.

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