Rock crushing and thin section

Service information
The laboratory has facilities for preparing small chips, coarse and fine powders of rocks, minerals and/or artificial materials for mineral separation, X-ray diffractometry or bulk chemical analysis. Moreover, mineral separates may be obtained by magnetic separation.
Crushing to coarse chips (10-15) cm by hydraulic rock breaker
Crushing to small chips (1-2 cm) by jaw crusher;
Grinding to coarse powder by disk mill;
Grinding to fine powder by swing mill (agate and tungsten carbide pot) and by ball mill (agate pot)
Mineral separation by magnetic separator
Furthermore, in collaboration with the geologic thin section laboratory, the lab produces thin sections of natural and artificial lithoid materials and of incoherent or poorly consolidated materials after impregnation by epoxy resins. Thin sections may be prepared with different size, final thickness and finishing (highly polishing, staining, etc.) for various purposes (sedimentologic and biostratigraphic, mineralogic and textural studies, porosity characterization, scanning electron microscopy, electron microprobe analysis, laser ablation ICP mass spectrometry, etc).
The lab also supplies polished blocks and cross sections of plasters, mortars and pottery.
Separate rooms are dedicated to the various activities.
The laboratory provides support to teaching (undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD students and to research. We also undertake external work from clients worldwide.
Prices of the services can be downloaded below; for more details and information and for access to laboratory contact (+39) 06 4991 4888 or Sara Ronca (link sends e-mail) phone (+39) 06 4991 4836.
Rock crushing and grinding: hydraulic rock breaker, two jaw crushers, disk mill, three Herzog HSM100 swing mills (agate and widia pot), Giuliani IG/.W2/E laboratory ball mill, sand siever, Frantz laboratory magnetic separator.
Thin sectioning: 3 circular trim saws (Dimas ts400f; Logitech CS10), 3 grinding wheels, Safitec thin sectioning system, Logitech LP30 lapping machine, 3 polishing machines (Sverital Kent 3, Tecnocontrol LS2), bonding jigs, hot plates, transmitted light polarizing microscope.

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