Single-crystal X-ray diffraction laboratory

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The single-crystal X-ray diffraction laboratory offers the possibility to collect crystallographic data for the determination of the crystal structure of a crystalline material in order to develop both basic and applied research. The sample size can be very small (about 0.05 mm). The results concern:

  • Evaluation of crystallinity degree;
  • Determination of the unit-cell parameters;
  • Atom coordinates, site-scattering values and atom-displacement factors;
  • Interatomic distances and angles.

The laboratory is involved in several collaborations concerning crystallography and systematic mineralogy. Analytical work should be accompanied by a payment (see attached file).



Booking and sample delivery at the Laboratory. Data will be sent by e-mail or at the laboratory.



The BRUKER KAPPA 4-circle diffractometer is equipped with the APEX II CCD detector. The system works with a Molybdenum fine focus sealed tube combined with a flat graphite monochromator. The Bruker APEX2 Software Suite controls all the operations from the data collection to the crystal structure refinement.


Some images of the laboratory



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