Curriuculum Earth Sciences

Logo del Dottorato di Scienze della Terra

The three-years built in Ph.D. program named 'Dottorato di Ricerca in Scienze della Terra' has been established to promote the cultural development and the scientific research of the several fields composing the Earth Sciences. Within this frame, the Ph.D. program deals with the most advanced topics of the Earth Sciences with application to various issues concerning geomaterials, environment and territory management. The topics included in this Ph.D. program are of pertinence of the following basic disciplines: GEO/01 PALEONTOLOGIA E PALEOECOLOGIA, GEO/02 GEOLOGIA STRATIGRAFICA E SEDIMENTOLOGICA, GEO/03 GEOLOGIA STRUTTURALE, GEO/04 GEOGRAFIA FISICA E GEOMORFOLOGIA, GEO/05 GEOLOGIA APPLICATA, GEO/06 MINERALOGIA, GEO/07 PETROLOGIA E PETROGRAFIA, GEO/08 GEOCHIMICA E VULCANOLOGIA, GEO/09 GEORISORSE MINERARIE E APPLICAZIONI MINERALOGICO-PETROGRAFICHE PER L'AMBIENTE ED I BENI CULTURALI, GEO/10 GEOFISICA DELLA TERRA SOLIDA, GEO/11 GEOFISICA APPLICATA. The overall objective of the Ph.D. program is the acquisition by the Ph.D. student of individual autonomy and personal awareness in the scientific research, while developing specific skills in one or more of the Earth Sciences fields.Specific objectives in the various fields are here briefly depicted:- Geodynamics (endogenous and exogenous processes) end evolution of relief: identification of evolution trends in order to correlate regional and global phenomena in the frame of geological time. Physico-chemical characterization of geomaterials: definition of structural models of crystalline and quasi-crystalline materials (both natural and synthetic); physico-chemical characterization of minerals, rocks, silicate melts, fluids, aqueous solutions and gases to achieve reconstruction of their formation and transformation history. Applied geology, geomorphology and geoengineering: definition of mutual relationships between environment and society, including geologic risks management, georesources exploration, pollution and cultural heritage. Global geodynamics and peri-mediterranean basin evolution: modelling of orogenesis evolution, definition of mutual relationships among tectonic, volcanic and petrogenetic events exploiting geological, geophysical and geochemical combined approach. During the first two-years the Ph.D. students will follow Courses, Seminars and other educational activities in Italy or abroad according to a project proposed by the student and approved by the Ph.D. Program Committee. In any case, all student activities are supervised by a Staff Docent of Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra and submitted to a formal approval by the Ph.D. Program Committee once a year.


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