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Short curriculum Vitae

Born in Rome on May 4, 1974, he graduated in Geological Sciences (Applied Geology) in 1998. He won a two-year scholarship at ENEA CR Casaccia in 2000, he is a PhD in Earth Sciences since 2002, he holds research positions at the Department of Earth Sciences of the "Sapienza" University of Rome from 2002 to 2006, he has been a university researcher since 2007 at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences. Since 1 November 2015 he has been associate professor of Engineering-Geology and has been qualified as full professor since July 2017. Since January 2015 he has been director of the Laboratory of Applied Geology of the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Rome "Sapienza". Since 2017 he has been scientific director of the experimental field of CERI established in the Acuto quarry (FR) as part of the MIUR Excellence Project of the "Sapienza" Department of Earth Sciences. Since 2008 he has been the CERI coordinator of the "Memorandum of Understanding" with the French Institute of Transport, Administration and Business Sciences and Technologies (IFSTTAR - Paris, France). Since 2000 he has participated in seismic microzonation studies in Italy and has been part of consulting groups for national agencies (ACEA, ANAS, ISPESL, TERNA, RFI) and private companies (SaRC SpA, P & M - Planning and Management, Impregilo Group, Eurolink) for the stability of slopes, former mining areas, foundations, road lines, tunnel excavation works, management of aqueduct and electricity generation networks. In 2016 he was the referent of the "Center for seismic microzonation and its applications" for the "Preliminary survey activities for seismic microzonation in the areas affected by the earthquake in central Italy of 24 August 2016" for Macroarea 2 (Accumoli), unit manager operational of the "Center for seismic microzonation and its applications" for activities of "Technical-scientific support and coordination for the seismic microzonation activities of the territories hit by earthquakes from 24 August 2016" in 15 municipalities of Lazio (province of Rieti), in the context of the Convention between the Special Commissioner for Seismic Reconstruction 2016 and the Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering (IGAG) of the National Research Council (CNR), in 2017 he was also responsible for the preliminary studies of level 3 seismic microzonation for the Municipality of Forio di Ischia on behalf of the Seismic Microzonation Center and its applications following the order of the Presidency of the Council of and the Ministers n. 476 of 29 August 2017. In 2012 he was coordinator of the university project "Sapienza" entitled "Landslides triggered in areas involved in intense morphodynamics due to volcanism, seismicity and erosive processes" and participated in the S_2-2012 Project as part of the INGV-DPC 2012-2013 project "Validation of seismic risk through observed data. Linking OBservations to seismic risk (COBAS)". In 2012 he was scientific director of the third part "Sapienza" of the European project MARSite (MARMARA Supersite: New Directions in the Sismic Hazard Assessment Through Focused Earth Observation in the Marmara Supersite), grant agreement n. 308417 - THEME [ENV. 2012.6.4 -2]. In 2016 he was coordinator of the Great University Project of "Sapienza" entitled "Gravitative instability of rock walls in the context of coastal morphodynamics: from back-analysis to process analysis through monitoring and multi-modeling approaches".


  • 1998 Specialized Degree in Geological Sciences with a specialization in Application Geology
  • 2002 PhD Earth Sciences (Engineering Geology)

Academic career 

  • From 2008 Permanent researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences of Rome "Sapienza" with reference to the Research Center for Geological Risks "CERI"
  • From 2015 Associate Professor in service at the Department of Earth Sciences of Rome "Sapienza" with reference to the Research Center for Geological Risks "CERI"
  • From 2017 Qualified for the role of Full Professor

Research topics

  1. Gravitational instability of the slope due to landslide and Mass Rock Creep
  2. Stress-strain numerical modelling of slope instabilities
  3. Earthquake-induced landslides and liquefaction
  4. Geophysical surveys of passive seismic for local seismic response studies
  5. Numerical modelling of Local Seismic Response
  6. Subsoil geology for slope stability 
  7. Vibrational and thermomechanical behavior of jointed rock masses

 Research locations

Roma, Souther-central Apennines, Betic Chain (Spagna), Malta, Avcilar (Turchia), West Zagros (Lorestan, Iran)


  1. "Young Author Award 2004” of the Geological Society of London
  2.  "Best Italian Researcher of the Year in Applied Geology" by the Italian Association of Applied and Environmental Geology (AIGA) during the AIGA 2016 conference (Bologna)

Institutional roles

  • Director of the Laboratory of Applied Geology "Antonio Zalaffi" of the Department of Earth Sciences
  • Scientific director of the Experimental Field at the Cava Prenestina di Acuto of the Department of Excellence of Earth Sciences in Rome "Sapienza"
  • Member of the Doctoral College "Scuola Vito Volterra"
  • Member of the Commission of the Department of Excellence at the Department of Earth Sciences of Rome "Sapienza"
  • Member of the Council of the MUST (University Museum of Earth Sciences) at the Department of Earth Sciences of Rome "Sapienza"
  • Member of the Library Council at the Department of Earth Sciences of Rome "Sapienza"

Membership association

Associazione Italiana Geologia Applicata (AIGA), Società Geologica Italiana

Present Research Projects

  • 2020/ - Academic Project: “Analisi di distribuzione di effetti di instabilità sismoindotti basate su un inventario a scala nazionale per la definizione probabilistica di scenari multi-hazard prot.RM120172A2582F52)” – Dipartimento Scienze della Terra
  • 2018/2021 –Galileo Italy-France Project (G19_133): “Measurement of damage effects on rock masses to prevent landslides triggering by vehicular traffic and weather conditions”

Present Agreements

  • 2020/ - Agreement CERI-ACEA ATO2: “Study of the geological hazard with implementation of monitoring systems and related reporting for management purposes at the Peschiera and Capore springs plant” – Centro di Ricerca CERI

Editorial activity

  • 2002  - today: reviewer for the following journals: Engineering Geology, Geomorphology, Landslides, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake engineering, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Bulleting of Engineering Geology, Natural Hazards, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, Remote Sensing, Sensors, Scientific Report, Earth Science Review, Geosciences, Journal of Geophysical Researh, Geophysical Research Letters, Journal of Seismology, Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and Environment, Shock and Vibrations
  • 2019 – today:  member of the Editorial Council of the Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and the Environment
  • 2013 – today: responsible for the CERI of the Italian Catalogue of Earthquake-Induced ground effects (CEDIT) which is on-line at the web page




  • Slope Stability (II Semester, II Year of the GAITR Master Course) – in Italian
  • Local Seismic Response (I Semester, I and II Year of the GAITR Master Course) – in Italian
  • Engineering Geology (II modulo (II Semester, III Year of the Earth Science Master Course) – in Italian

Published papers
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Total citation: 1599; h-index 23 (Scopus April 2021).
TWITTER: Geo-slopestabSPZ@ GeoslopestabSPZ

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Facebook: Geo-slopestability “Sapienza”


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