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Short Curriculum Vitae


  • 1981 – Graduation cum laude at “Sapienza” University, Rome, Department of Earth Sciences.
  • 1988 – PhD in “Sedimentary Geology”.


Professional experience

  • 1983 to 1986 – Lecturer of “Stratigraphic Geology” at the University of Calabria.
  • 1984 to 1998 – “Field mapping geologist” then “Senior geologist” at the Geological Survey of Italy.
  • 1998-1999     – “Managing Geologist”, Geological Survey of Italy; Head of National Geological Mapping Project.
  • 1999- present – Associate Professor, “Sapienza University”, Rome, various Geological Mapping courses.



Research topics
Santantonio was originally trained as an ammonite paleontologist and stratigrapher, then derailed into the sedimentology and geology of carbonates. The common denominator of field geology and mapping, in those regions where carbonate research was mainly conducted (see below), then led to the sedimentological/structural modelling of depositional systems in Tethyan rifts, and their involvement in later orogenic deformation phases.
Apennines (1) – Shallow-water and pelagic carbonates of the Umbria-Marche region. Preserved Mesozoic rift-basin paleomargins. Zooxanthellate corals in pelagic deposits. Paleoescarpment analysis. Basin-margin deposits: Mass-flows, megaclasts, and bed deformation due to differential compaction. Paths of sediment gravity flows in highly complex rift basins.
Apennines (2) – Shallow-water Cretaceous to Miocene deposits of the Latium-Abruzzi carbonate platform: tropical and “temperate-type (heterozoan)” carbonates. Pre orogenic (Miocene) peripheral-bulge extension. Inversion tectonics and thrust-top basins.
Calabria – The Rhaetian to Early Cretaceous Longobucco basin. Fluvial to mixed carbonate/siliciclastic shelf to deeper-water rift-basin deposits. Peri-insular rocky-shore deposits. Bacterial colonization and cleavage-plane expansion in phyllites at submarine basin margins.
Sicily – Condensed Jurassic pelagites and synsedimentary extension in the “Trapanese Zone”. Pelagic sediment drifts, abiotic mounds and clinoforms on the Sciacca Plateau (Middle and Upper Jurassic).


Institutional and scientific roles

  • 1985-1991 – Mapping geologist, Geological Sheet 367 “Tagliacozzo” (1:50.000) .
  • 1992-1998 - Director of Mapping, Geological Sheet 347 “Rieti” (1:50.000).
  • 1988 and 1998 – Seminars and Short Courses on pelagic carbonates, University of Lausanne (CH), Institute of Geology and Paleontology.
  • 2001- present – Principal Investigator of several Scientific Projects, funded by Italian Institutions (CNR, “Sapienza”).
  • 2002 – Organizing Committee and Scientific Board of the “6th International Symposium on the Jurassic System” (Mondello-Palermo, 12-22 sett. 2002); Editor of the General Fieldtrip Guidebook and co-leader of two field trips in Western Sicily.
  • 2004 - Field Trip leader (P49) – “Facies and Geometries of pelagic deposits in a Jurassic pelagic carbonate platform/basin system – Sabina, central Apennines, Italy”), 32th International Geological Congress (Firenze 2004).
  • 2004-2006 – Consultant with ENI Exploration & Production (Principal Investigator for “Sapienza” University), on "Depositional geometries of carbonate rocks for 3D modeling – Central Apennines”.
  • 2007 – Head and Organizer of the “2nd  IAS (International Association of Sedimentologists) Summer School of Sedimentology” (title: “Carbonate sedimentation, rift tectonics and petroleum potential on continental margins”, with field trips and short courses), Umbria-Marche-Sabina Apennines.
  • 2008 – Invited seminar (Geological Society of Denmark - Institute of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen) on “Pelagic Carbonate Platform/Basin systems in the Tethyan Jurassic; facies, geometries, and paleotectonic evolution” .
  • 2009-2012 – Consultant with “Medoilgas Italia S.p.A.” (Principal Investigator for “Sapienza” University), “Onshore and offshore analysis of the Apulian Platform”.
  • 2010-2013 – Consultant with Erg-Rivara Storage (Principal Investigator for “Sapienza” University), “Well-log analysis, and paleoecological/paleotectonic interpretation of Mesozoic/Tertiary carbonates in the subsurface of the Po Plain”.
  • 2015 – Keynote speaker, IAS Congress, Krakow 2015.

Active Research Project

Progetto di Ateneo 2019 – “Evoluzione tettonica giurassica e ambienti sedimentari e geodinamici a confronto in aree-campione ai margini di tre placche: Europea (Sila Greca), Africana (Sicilia occidentale) e Apula (Appennino centro-settentrionale)”.


Editorial Activity

Reviewer for international Journals: Sedimentology, Marine and Petroleum Geology, Journal of Structural Geology, Sedimentary Geology, Facies, etc.. Guest Editor for the Italian Journal of Geoscience.

  • Rilevamento Geologico (Bachelor Degree Programme)
  • Tirocinio di Rilevamento Geologico (Bachelor Degree Programme) 
  • Analisi e Rilevamento per la Cartografia Tematica (Master Degree Programme “Geologia di Esplorazione”).


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